Tuesday, 29 March 2011

At last!!a one full day work.

Any how i manage to costumize my page to Mac OS Snow leopard. Although it's a one day work non-stop on pc, its pretty satisfied.check it out.
no need to change os lol.
window 7 is far way better than Mac

how to do it.visit instructable.com.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

First of all creation had reason.

i created this blog for a ccertain reason.for example, this is for the requirement for my BEL120 class assingment.In addition, my friend, nik muhammad rahimi got one of these too, i created one.nik's blog is awesome, and has many followers. so i decide to be like him, spread good knowlegde with blog, that's whatnik do with his blog. nik is my idol for blogging. eventually he's really handsome guy with 360 degrees chracteristic.lol..and lastly thank for wasting ur time on my lies about nik.lol : )